Shiloh Village Estates was established in 1976 in Billings, Montana. The Residents and management of Shiloh Village Estates have earned the reputation of being a first class mobile home park. We appreciate each Resident for their hard-working contribution to strive to maintain the reputable standards of Shiloh Village Estates. The collective efforts of the Residents on a daily basis to keep their area looking nice are how we are able to keep our community looking beautiful and in top-class condition. We will strive to work with the Residents to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide safety and welfare to Residents
  • To maintain the Residents’ mobile park in first class condition;
  • To provide a mobile park that has quality housing and is neat
    and orderly;
  • To have a mobile park that is an attractive community that the
    Residents are proud to live in; and
  • To provide a pleasant and friendly mobile home park where our
    Residents respect the rights and privacy of others.